• Helgard Slabbert

Why is mobile bot communication important in a community?

Alumnet offer a database solution for your community that will strengthen your member communication and engagement.

The management of members' information is the foundation of your community and the consistent engagement of the members is another important element in establishing an engaged community. Alumnet help to engage community members with relevant and targeted communication that would otherwise not be possible.

WhatsApp was launched in 2009 and it has transformed the way we communicate with our mobile phones and they have enabled millions of people to easily communicate with one another. Since then, other mobile platforms like Telegram and Signal were also launched.

Historically, Alumnet communication mediums were e-mail, sms, mobile app or a website portal. We have identified that mobile communication is the future of community communication and in 2020 we have successfully integrated with Telegram.

The integration with Telegram means that your community will have its own personalised communication bot(robot) that will either fetch or deliver personalised information to the community member or it will also allow for structured response / reply from your members.

The bot keeps individuals and groups connected through a speedy transfer of information and when it’s used effectively, it opens a vast network of connections available at everyone’s fingertips.

We are living in an era of online communication and the introduction of the communication bot on Alumnet has opened a new way to stay in touch with your members. We see that it will replace some of the traditional modes of communication in the future.

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