• Helgard Slabbert

Engage your church community

Due to COVID-19, churches around the world are losing ground to engage members and we feel that part of the reason is that many churches fall short in their communication with the congregation.

Church communications are often characterized by too generic and unrelated communication to a diversified group of people with individual needs. The journey to a successful church community starts with a powerful database that enable the church to communicate relevant information to individuals in your database.

Alumnet allow the church to communicate via various communication platforms, but it also allows for structured responses and build dynamic groups of people in your community. For example, if you would ask the congregation in what activities they would like to participate in 2021, you will receive the response in a report format and the people will be automatically placed in groups to communicate with them in the future.

Alumnet offers a wide range of options to engage your church members, from forum discussions to networking opportunities or mentorship. Alumnet will also save you time on administration and it offers functionality to collect donations, issue section 18A certificates, sell tickets to events and even an online shop.

As the lockdown continues, please contact us to discuss how we can help your church become an engaged church community.

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