• Helgard Slabbert

At least 30% of your alumni want to engage with your school!

Schools have always had a culture of fundraising, from cake sales to golf days. The key now is to aim higher and unlock value through your alumni.

Schools are missing a fundraising opportunity by failing to ask their former pupils for money. According to a survey that we have done, we have found that 30% of school alumni would be willing to make a donation to their former school if asked, but without an alumni strategy it is impossible and could lead to no additional funding to the school.

How to successfully launch an alumni

Establishing an alumni community is a significant undertaking and will involve some strategy, work and ongoing commitment. But the good news is that most of the hard work occurs at the start, once your database is up and running maintenance need not take up a huge amount of time.

Once you have a database in place, it's time populate it and communicate relevant information to the members. The key is to create a database where members can belong to multiple groups.

How to engage your alumni

Once the alumni feel part of the community, you should create an environment to engage the alumni, providing them with regular information and opportunities to engage with the school.

Alumni need an incentive to keep coming back, whether it is reading an email, visiting the website or attending reunions. It is important to populate your alumni portal with lots of insightful and useful content, and made it easy for users to make the most of their alumni network through of opportunities to network and find support.

One of the biggest motivators is professional networking. When they know there is a group of people that share a high level of trust (because they’re from the same place), they can use the opportunity to leverage that network whenever they want.

How to unlock value from your alumni

A healthy relationship can be described as interdependent and it needs give and take. Make sure your alumni association is offering value such as networking opportunities and reunion events to your members. The goal is to be seen as a partner and resource, not an institution who only calls to ask for cash.

While it makes sense to ask for larger donations from older, more established alumni, make sure your school fundraising strategy provides giving options for your entire community. Like all organizations, your audience is made up of very different people and segmenting will allow you to communicate and fundraise more effectively.

There are several ways to unlock value when schools are using Alumnet. You can collect donations, manage sponsorships, sell tickets to events, and receive membership fees  in a simple and sustainable way.

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