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Alumnet launches Telegram Bot

We are excited to present a new mobile communication platform on Alumnet.

Telegram, a cloud-based instant messaging service that is ranked among the leading in the world, has opened up their code and allowed us to create individual bots that interact with our software. In other words, we can create personalized bots that interact with your community and communicate relevant information to your members.

Alumnet bots are Telegram accounts, but it is operated by Alumnet software. The Alumnet bot can do anything from, authentication of users, update member information, deliver personal messages, search for members or news, broadcast information and connect with the web portal. Our bots can even pass commands and manage structured responses.

Why should you use the Alumnet Bot?

Targeted and relevant communication is key to an engaged community. Communities wants to inform and engage community members and thanks to recent advances in mobile telecommunications, we have both desires answered with the Alumnet Telegram bot.

The Alumnet Telegram bot will automate tasks and processes and it will give personal attention to each member of your community. The personal communication and services open new opportunities to engage members into your community.

How does it Work?

The bot is linked to the Alumnet database that enable it to interact with the individual members. It can accommodate an unlimited number of users.

The bot will authenticate and update member information on the Alumnet database and help to manage user specific content. The bot will fetch relevant content or information from our AlumNet database and communicate it to the members.

Alumnet Telegram Bot examples:

1. Update Information on the database:

  • John Smith is on our AlumNet Database and we have his mobile number on record but not his e-mail address. When John connects to the bot, we authenticate him via his cell number and prompt for his e-mail address. If the address is supplied, we authenticate the address via a code and update his record in our database.

  • James Johnson is on our AlumNet Database and we have his e-mail on record, but not his mobile number. When James connects to the bot, we authenticate him via his e-mail address via a code and update his record in our database with his mobile number.

2. Structured responses:

  • Laura, our AlumNet administrator, does a search for all paid up members to invite them to the AGM. She sends a Telegram message to them and asks them to respond to the message:

o Yes

o No

  • She further configures the message with automated responses and groupings of individuals based on their replies.

o Response to Yes: Thank you for attending the AGM, please ensure that you sign the register and be seated by 08h00.

o Response to No: You will be missed – hopefully we see you next year.

  • Laura has real-time visibility and reporting and can see who is attending or not attending and those who have not responded.

  • The system is intelligent and for those users that is not on Telegram, the system will automatically send an e-mail with a link to the Telegram bot and inform them that they have a message waiting for them on Telegram.

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